Tickets 2024 Paris Olympic Games

I have a question about my entry ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Who do I contact for retrieving them?

For questions about your tickets to one of the Olympic Games events, please refer to the official ticket website and FAQ page.

Tickets for the Games are separate from tickets for the Lotto Belgium House.

Tickets Lotto Belgium House

How can I buy tickets?

The tickets page provides you with all the dates. Select the dates of your choice and book the tickets you want.

Can I buy tickets for the Lotto Belgium House if I am not staying at the accommodation and do not have tickets for live sports sessions?

Yes, of course you can. Tickets for the Olympic Games and the Lotto Belgium House are separate from each other.

Can I purchase tickets last minute?

Yes, you can order tickets as long as they aren’t sold out. Make sure to check out our ticket page.

What is the difference between a Day Pass and Night Pass?

A Day Pass gives you access to all public areas, both indoors and outdoors, and the Team Belgium Arena in a time slot from 11am until about 5:30pm.

A Night Pass gives you access to the same public areas from 6pm until 2am. Certain Night Passes do not include access to the Team Belgium Arena. To gain access to the Team Belgium Arena you will need a Party Pass. So be sure to check our ticket page for a clear overview of the different types of tickets.

Does a Night Pass also allow access to the Lotto Belgium House during the day?

No, the Night Pass only allows access to the Lotto Belgium House from 6pm to 2am. If you would like to visit the Lotto Belgium House during the day, be sure to check out the options for Day Passes.

Can I follow Paris 2024 competitions with a Comfort Night Pass or do I need a Party Pass?

The Comfort Night Pass gives you access to all public zones of the Lotto Belgium House, both inside and outdoors. In these areas you can follow all competitions featuring Team Belgium. That means you don’t need a Party Pass to follow those competitions. Would you like to get access to the Team Belgium Arena and attend the concerts, then you do need a Party Pass.

Where can I eat my street food snack?

There are several areas in the Lotto Belgium House where you can enjoy your street food snack.

How can I access my tickets?

After ordering, your tickets will be sent to the email address provided as soon as possible.

Can I change or cancel my tickets?

No, purchased tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

I didn’t receive my tickets. What do I do?

Make sure to check your spam folder. If you still can’t find your tickets, then don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form. We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

I received my own tickets, but not my family’s or friends’s tickets. What do I do?

Make sure to double check the PDF file containing your own tickets. Multiple tickets can be included in the same document.

Can tickets be re-sold?

No, for now purchased tickets cannot be sold on to others.

Can I obtain an invoice for my ticket(s)?

Yes, please enter your invoicing details in the contact form.
We will then send you an invoice by email.


What are the opening times of the Lotto Belgium House?

The Lotto Belgium House is open to all guests with a Day Pass every day from 27 July to 11 August from 11am. The opening times for guests with a Night Pass can vary depending on the broadcast of the different competitions. 

So please check the opening times before your arrival on the day of your visit. The programme for each day can be found on this page.

Which sports will be broadcast at the Lotto Belgium House?

Nearly all competitions/disciplines in which Team Belgium participates, will be broadcast on a big screen at the Lotto Belgium House.

When will we know which artists will be performing at the Lotto Belgium House?

Artists have already or will be announced on our social media channels. You can find the exact line-up and programme per day on our programme page.

At what time can I attend concerts by Belgian artists?

Most artists are planned after 21:00.


What is the easiest way to reach the Lotto Belgium House?

The Lotto Belgium House is situated at Les Salons Hoche on Avenue Hoche 9, 75008 Paris, a stone’s throw from the various Olympic sites and well-known tourist attractions. The Lotto Belgium House can be reached on metro lines 2 and 9. Alight at station Courcelles (2) or station Saint-Philippe du Roule (9), from there it will only be a few minutes’ walk.

Where can I find information on Paris transport?

Easy travel between the different Olympic venues? Download the app Transport Public Paris 2024. This app provides all necessary info for easily getting to your destination.

At the Lotto Belgium House

How can I pay at the Lotto Belgium House?

The Lotto Belgium House operates a cashless system.  More information can be found on the website here.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed. Exceptions can be made for people using guide dogs. It is important to contact us in advance.

Does the Lotto Belgium House provide a cloakroom for leaving my belongings?

Unfortunately, the Lotto Belgium House does not allow backpacks >25L.

You can leave coats in the cloakroom.

Is smoking allowed in the Lotto Belgium House?

No, smoking is strictly forbidden in all areas of the Lotto Belgium House, both inside and outside. Violating this rule can lead to a fine and an official police ticket. It is allowed to leave the area and smoke outside the premises of the Lotto Belgium House te roken. By showing your ticket you are then allowed to re-enter. This rule also applies to e-cigarettes and vapes.

Can I film in the Lotto Belgium House?

Dedicated equipment to record sound and cameras are not allowed. Small cameras, such as smartphones with a camera function, can be used.

Am I being recorded?

When you visit the location, you acknowledge that the location is a public space and you keep in mind that during your visit your voice, portrait or likeness can be recorded. They can be used for promotional use for an indefinite time, worldwide, either by the organiser or by an authorised third party. That means you consent to forfeiting your portrait rights, and the organiser does not owe any compensation.  

Can I bring a bag to the Lotto Belgium House?

Bags exceeding the A4 format, and/or taller than 45cm, and/or with a volume of over 25 litres, are not allowed. Any bags not exceeding these dimension are allowed.

Which objects are prohibited?
  • Own food and drinks, bottles, cans, glass
  • Alcohol, hard or soft drugs
  • (Fire)arms and other dangerous objects
  • Fireworks and flammable objects
  • Drones
  • Flyers, stickers, posters and other promotional material
  • Any object that can jeopardise health, safety and public order, or any object that the organisers or security personnel deem to be dangerous.
I am a Belgian volunteer at Paris 2004. Can I enjoy any benefits at the Lotto Belgium House?

We are very grateful for all volunteers working at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately there are no benefits for volunteers.

Hospitality Lotto Belgium House

What can I expect from the exclusive Hospitality Zone?

You can enjoy your chosen VIP package at our Hospitality Zone. You can find more info about your VIP experience here.

Hotel Le Friedland

Is the Lotto Belgium House far from Hotel Le Friedland?

Hotel Le Friedland is on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and is only 300 metres from the Lotto Belgium House.

How can I book accommodation at the hotel?

All information about Hotel Le Friedland can be found on this page. If you require more information or would like to reserve a room, please contact

Tickets Olympic Festival in Belgium

From 26 July to 11 August 2024, the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC) will open the doors of the Olympic Festival in Middelkerke to more than 45,000 fans. The beach will be transformed into the epicentre of sports bringing the Olympic atmosphere from Paris to Belgium. Everyone will be able to play, watch and experience sports for 17 days. We look forward to welcoming you in Middelkerke!

Check out the website:

Where can I buy tickets for the Olympic Festival?

Entry to the Olympic Festival is free, which means that tickets cannot be bought. The only exception are 3 dates when famous Belgian artists will perform. For these 3 dates, you will have to buy a ticket. You will find more info about the paid ticket dates and programme on the ticket page of the Olympic Festival.

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