Salons Hoche


The Lotto Belgium House is located in the heart of Paris at Les Salons Hoche, just a few minutes’ walk from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées.

You can easily reach the venues for 3x3 basketball, breakdance, skateboard, BMX, beach volleyball, fencing, taekwondo, cycling, triathlon, open water swimming, boxing, tennis, judo, and wrestling with a 30-minute walk from the Lotto Belgium House.

Les Salons Hoche
Avenue Hoche 9
75008 Paris
Lotto Belgium House Avenue Hoche 9, Paris
Tourist attractions
  • Arc de Triomphe > 10 min walk
  • Champs-Élysées > 10 min walk
  • Eiffel tower > 24 min walk & metro
  • Notre Dame > 30 min walk & metro
Olympic sites
  • Concorde Stadium > 12 min.
  • Grand Palais > 15 min.
  • Alexandre III Bridge > 18 min.
  • Iéna Bridge > 30 min.
  • Bercy Arena > 30 min
  • Courcelles Metro > 5 min walk


In the early 20th century, during the "Roaring Twenties", Salons Hoche was the place to be for dancing.

Owner Pierre Beteille teamed up with young musician Eddy Barclay to establish record company Barclay. Many famous such as Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf, Dalidaartists used the studio to record their music. Later, they handed the space over to their good friend Albert Allon Oullo, who turned it into prestigious social hub.

Today, Salons Hoche is a popular venue for various events in Paris, such as the launch of films like Batman, and fashion shows from the big fashion houses.

Lotto Belgium House

A combination of activations, entertainment, live music, athlete celebrations and a tribute to the Belgian cuisine are the ingredients for a 17-day Belgian celebration in the centre of Paris.

Multiple rooms will offer you an array of food and drink options as well as activities along with screens showing your preferred Belgian athletes. You won’t have to miss a second of the Olympics while staying at the heart of the games.

The BE ACTIVE area is a cosy and lively room filled with fun activities with entertainment for all ages. Here, you may come across one of our Belgian athletes or Olympians during one of the meet & greets. Thanks to the big screen you won’t miss a second of the Belgian athletes’ performances. You can also enjoy a bite from one of the street food stalls.


The Lotto Belgium House has a Belgian Sports Bar, the perfect spot to watch the Belgian athletes perform either during the day or at night. You can also re-live Belgian sports history through various memorabilia and celebrate Belgium’s rich beer culture, offering a wide selection of Belgian brews.
Every evening, we’ll air live highlights from the Team Belgium Arena (see below), followed by our Belgium House Resident DJ turning up the vibe. The Belgian Sports Bar podium provides the opportunity to interview athletes and Olympians.


On the ground floor, you will discover the Courtyard and the .BE Store. In the Courtyard, you can enjoy the Paris summer sun with a drink, a snack or an ice cream.
The .BE Store is the perfect place to shop for the Team Belgium Official clothing and merchandise, as well as many other fun Belgian products and gadgets.


In this beautiful space on the first floor you will find our surprising pop-up bistro, serving delicious dishes with a Belgian twist in a setting that focuses on refined service and experience. Bookings for lunch and dinner will be available on this website starting March 2024.


The final room is the Team Belgium Arena, which is the most impressive. Throughout the day guests can watch the Olympic Games on the big screen with live TV coverage from VRT Sporza or RTBF.
At night, the Team Belgium Arena becomes a grand party arena.

What can you expect:

  • A live celebration of all Team Belgium athletes who achieved a top 8 result.
  • A live show focused on the most important Belgian moments of the day, with interviews and interactive moments.
  • A daily live performance by an celebrated Belgian artist or band.
  • An afterparty until 2am with one of Belgium’s top DJs.
  • Continuous live coverage of the significant moments during the Olympic Games that involve Belgian athletes.

The Salon Hoche has many areas where you can experience the best of hospitality and enjoy a gastronomic lunch or dinner. A Belgian chef, who has a Michelin star, prepares his finest meals every day. You can also have a glass of champagne for aperitif, matching wines, and drinks at the open bar. They also offer subtle entertainment, and all guests receive a Team Belgium Business gift. This is the best place in our Lotto Belgium House. Many previous athletes will be attending. This is a great place to invite your guests, whether as a company or an individual, to enjoy the Olympic Games in a distinctive environment. Additionally, private areas for you and your guests are available upon request.

With the support of Foreign Affairs, .Be, Brussels, Flanders, Ostbelgien & Wallonia.
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