Ella Leyers

Ella Leyers will present at the Lotto Belgium House from 29 July until 3 August 2024.

Ella Leyers is well known to Flemish audiences. Many know her from roles in TV programmes such as Professor T and Spitsbroers. She was a regular cast member of the comedy programme 'Tegen De Sterren Op', where she took on various characters. Moreover, her talents did not go unnoticed abroad either. Ella was cast for several roles in the French films 'Ma Mère Est Folle' and 'Annette'. Over the Channel, she starred in the British series 'The Window'.

Her enthusiasm and empathy are a great asset. This was also seen by Willem Wallyn director of the film 'All Of Us'. Besides acting, she can find her niche in presenting 'The Ideal World', singing and playing theatre.

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